Thursday, 19 February 2009

A day in the life of a 3yr old.

A friend asked today what it is that Torbyboy does because all he hears about is the times I'm waiting for him to fall asleep at naptime (sweet sweet naptime).

This was my response
'he colours, he draws, he plays numbers on my mobile phone, he does jigsaw puzzles, he runs up and down the hallway 'swimming' or 'being a 'jumpy frog', he plays his 'puter games, he makes me laugh and smile a lot, he jumps on the couch being a 'cheeky monkey', he likes playing the 'boo' game, he watches dvd's, he makes me so frustrated I could scream, he cuts up old magazines and glues them onto paper to make presents for me, he makes my heart explode with delight and love and happiness and he reads a lot of books and those are just some of the things he does inside the house'

It kind of summed up life with a toddler really

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