Friday, 27 February 2009

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee

The betsest bit about my birthday morning was listening to the boys wrap my presents..

'No, is MY birtyhday. happy birthday Torby'

N - "Now old is mum now?"
T - "hundred"

N - "Can you write Mum on this"
T - "M U M..look it's a W"

T - 'Look mummy, a present for you, I open it for you?"

Then the making a smoked salmon bagel for me to put candles on..

T - "we need candles onna cake"
N - "Well, we'll put some candles on this bagel...her bagel cake"

T - "look mummy, 10 candles..for my birthday, not your birthday, Torby's"

Then there were the tears when I had the temerity to blow out a few of my candles so we had to relight them so Torby could blow them out. The glee was totally worth it.

Megzz &Smurg dropped round last night with yummy dessert and my present. A subscription to an excellent mag called 'Frankie'. It explained why one had arrived in the mail last week for me. Hurrah for solving of mysteries.

Tonight I'm off to bounce around at a Cat Empire gig, Tomorrow is afternoon tea with a few laaadies and then Sunday will be the Friends of Cheeses picnic to celebrate our shared birthdays with DrQ and MissFliss.

Seems like a mighty way to celebrate.

Oh and the delightful Grandmama not only looking after Torby for the day so I can come in and make up a few hours at work but also giving us a copy of Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4. Such a droolworthy book.

Hurrah for birthdays!


Wenchilada said...

Happy Birthday, DVDVDVDVDVDVDVDV!!!!!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope much mirth and fun is had on Sunday.

anti ob said...

Happy Birthday. I shall go a drink some wine in your honor.

password is 'hypneys' almost like happy ;)

coz and ob