Sunday, 1 March 2009

Birthday weekend of goodness.

Cat Empire - went orf! Support act was Paprika Balcanicus (warning: is annoying myspace page so music will happen but at least it's really good music) I got their cd and really do love the manicness of it. Was rfeally odd to realise that this was the last gig that MissKrin will be at with us at. Got a wee bit teary at the end of the night. *sniff*

Afternoon Tea - delightful company and yummy food but service was nonexistent, buffet style kind of randomly placed about the room so you went hunting for your food and when it hit 4pm, everything got whisked away and the bill was presented. Must remember to not go back to Swissotel for afternoon tea.

Friends of Cheeses picnic - very pleasant way to idle away a Sunday afternoon and am now so full of delicious cheeses and feel that I have well and truly staved off oesteoporosis for a few more years.

I have seen a lot of my chums, received some delightful and appropriate presents, eaten good food, drunk lovely wine, danced to amazing music and laughed a lot. I feel well and truly birthdayed and glad to be alive and living my life.

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