Monday, 30 March 2009

send more coffee. Stat

Friday was nachos, nachos night. Saturday was babysitting the nieces, Sunday was being a wedding dress sewing minion, feeding ducks and swamp monsters and big big fish and TURTLES!! in the park and unexpected dinner company and more sewing.

This week I give blood, get new contact lenses (I feel really odd wearing my glasses when I'm in a frock - just so wrong. Almost as bad as having my hair uncovered) do lots more sewing (one more frock for Oliver, finish my shifts and underskirt, attach new breastband to V-neck underdress and repair Meg's purple spanish) cook and freeze appley pancakes for festival, make hats for M&S wedding and pack for set-up Sunday.

Easy Peasy.

Have scanned in some more old photos and will put them on Flickr tonight. One of them even proves that I used to have long hair.

I had to clean my work desk last week for a visit by the big big big big boss. Was very odd coming in this morning and seeing it so sparkly clean.
Soon fixed that!

Now to stop yawning (come on coffee, do your thing!) and procrastinating and actually start working.

Don't wanna!

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anti ob said...

Know what you mean about the glasses; I'm the same. Not exactly a period Nazi here, but for some reason wearing my glasses in garb just feels wrongerest.