Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Yesterday I knocked my phon off the top of the toilet at work onto the tiles.

Phone go Smash!

My brave brave phone that had survived being tortured by Torby on a daily basis and a swim in soda water finally died.

So I went out and got myself a new phone.
Silver lining, meet cloud.

I was very good and didn’t put us into the porhouse and get an iphone. With all it’s shininess and Appleyness.

I now have a Samsung F480 phone. It’s all touch screeney and everything. Is taking me a while to get used to it all but it has a 5mp camera. Especially good as I never remember to bring my camera anywhere.

In other news, I’m really looking forward to setup weekend and Festival and all the joyousness and the sitting around and chatting and eating and drinking and watching the kidlings play and be cute in their frocks and hiding little fluffy chickens (not real ones) for them to find on Sunday and hanging behind the bar and market day and dancing and watching the fighting and court and then coming home and having a really really really long shower. Am not looking forward to all the washing and airing and packing away that will then have to happen though.

And before that is cooking nachos for eleventy billion people a few people for sister's birthday and a DrNik dinner and a wedding sewing hell and setup weekend and a visit from ImpishDoom and all sorts of good stuff.

Oh yeah...and that sewing nonsense.

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Katrijn said...

Have fun at Festival and give hugs to all for us! We are not venturing away for Easter this year - plan to spend the four days starting to do the long list of stuff that needs doing around the house ;-)