Monday, 23 March 2009

Weekend recap

Finally made the Morrocan Chicken of deliciousness last night. Was very very nummy. Think I'll make it again for Festival. Just leave out the potatoe to avoid having accusations of feeding my husband horse food hurled at me.

Friday saw me being brave and taking Torby into town to get brass rings from fishing shop (to sew on frocks). We then took a bus (oh the excitement) down to chinatown to look for happyshoes forTorby(not so successful) and then another bus home. I don't think Torby realised how looong it would take but he was very insistent to do it. We invaded Meg&Jamie's house for dinner (another train. yay!) and Torby got to see IsobelZoe after a weeks absence due to lurginess. He was very very excited. If he had a tail it would have been wagging.

Saturday we picked up a freshly arrived in Oz Dr Nik and took him to MissJimmy's birthday do. She was delightfully surprised. A lovely afternoon/evening ensued involving mysterious dutch alcohol, a puppy that Torby loved to boss around (Sit Barney, sit. Good dog. Barney don't do that. Don't lick me Barney. Barney, what you dooing?) and catching up with people. I think that Jimmy's mum and brother were pleased to see Torby after not seeing him for ages. There was much bonding between Myles and Torby. Tres Cute.

Sunday we marketed and then sewed, sewed like the wind. Would have achieved more if I hadn't pinned the sleeves into my shifts the wrong way and then had to unpick them. Sigh. Ooh and bought a bike for Torby and a chair from a garage sale. All for the princely sum of $8- Daen has repaired both of them and will bring them back for the parents house soon.

Now my fingernails are yellow from the turmeric in the chicken and I'm vaguely refreshed from an early night and ready and raring to work. Okay, that last bit is a bit of a lie.

Hope everyone's weekend was just as delightful.

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