Monday, 2 March 2009

A torby record

Part of the reason for this blog is to record Torby growing up (my memory is so bad that I figure this is the only way)
Things he does that make me smile.

Pretending to be a turtle. Especially when he has his day-care backpack on (it looks like a turtle). There is also the pretending to be a frog (jump, jump) a kangaroo (hop, hop) or a lion (roar!)

Insisting on using the remote when he watches dvd's. He gets so pleased at being in charge.

The sheer excitement over little things like setting the timer on the microwave or counting out how many fish fingers for dinner.

Using 'he/his' for everyone. Mummy is a good boy, he had a good sleep'

The sweetness of cuddling up to me in bed in the morning and petting 'his friend Stampy' Sharing his blanket (the precious, precious blankie) with Stampy is pretty cute as well.

Singing songs. Yes, he sings about as well as I do. There goes that dream of him being an opera singer.

Wrapping things up and giving it to me as a present.

Lots and lots of counting.

Reading books and words on tv, buildings, anything. He now sounds out the letters. We're unsure how much he actually knows what he is doing when he spells out some word and then says a completely different one. B U G...Ant!

Shooing everything. Shoo plane, shoo. Shoo birds, shoo. Shoo rain, Shoo!

Helping Nw do the washing up. He stands on the chair next to him and gets water everywhere and has an absolute hoot.

Chatting about what's happened during the day. 'Jhett (a boy at daycare) was very naughty, Jhett pushed me' or 'biscuits and coffee with megzz, megzz go work now, daddy at work too' I love glimpsing the world as he sees it and what is important to him.

Offering to 'kiss better' when I say I'm sore. Also patting me on the back and asking if I'm okay when I cough.

"you very naughty mummy, you say sorry!" if I've done something wrong.

Taking turns at who chooses the music in the car. 'Torby's turn all the way to the shops, daddy's turn all the way home'

Having 'picnics' on the living room floor.

The delight at the ladybugs we have living on the plant at the front of the house. We often pick one off a leaf and let it crawl around on his hand. His face just about splits in two from grinning.

The look he gets and the pitch his voice gets when he's asking for something he knows he shouldn't have and is unlikely to get. 'I can have an icecream now?'

The whole toilet training has it's amusing points to..the aforementioned 'helping' me when I'm on the toilet and the delight at getting a treat ( 'I did a whiz and now I get a trreeeeaaattt!') and now putting the star on the cupboard Rather than getting a treat for every whizz or poo, we're going with stars and every x amt of stars he gets a big treat. It was 5 and now 8 and then it will be 15 and then we'll probably stop.

His favourite places to go are isobelzoe's, grandma's house and to daycare. Also very very fond of coffee and biscuits with megzz ( I think it's a little bit because he likes the company and a lot because he gets coffee just like the adults (a babycino) and biscuits). These are the options we usually get given when we ask him 'guess what we're going to do today'

Asking for 'my friend torby' stories at bedtime. These are stories I tell him in place of reading a book. I'm a really bad story teller and he insists that they be about him so he'll get stories of what we did that day or how many people love him or what we;re going to do later or when I get really desperate (ie if I have to tell him more than about 3) then stories of what Torby the adventureer did in warcrackland. He likes it when I tell him about killing the big bad dwagon. Yes, I am trying to turn my son into a nerd. Given his parents, it won't be that hard.

Asking where people are. Every so often he seems to do some rollcall in his head and wants everyone's location. He has also decided that we're going to go see AJ in Melbourne soon.

He really is a beautiful boy who makes me smile a lot.
He has his bad/annoying/frustrating/tiring moments and moments when I could cheerfully hand him over to the gypsies and moments when I wonder what the hell he's going to be like when he grows up, but on the whole, it's all good.


spyder said...

Awesome Boy!
Come visit soon.

Megz said...

heh I'm under no delusions that he likes seeing me - it's the biscuits and coffee fo shizzle.

However, I am hoping he will be brainwashed into latte-drinking! Maybe even a black skivvy. Then he can talk maths with Snerg to their hearts' desires.

I believe I got him to say post-modernism. Once. time to try again.