Tuesday, 31 March 2009

what a day

Wake up at some inhuamn time, read book, try to fall back asleep, toss and turn in disgust for a bit, give in and move to the couch.
Read book on couch and eventually pass out for a few more hours.
Wake up at still inhuman but at least reasonable hour.
Hve shower to wash the zombie away.
Sit on couch and read until munchkin wakes up and is cute.

Discover stupid car parked in front of our driveway.
Hmm no way to get our car out.
Police called, fines written, spare keys found by someone else in stupid car owners house.
Car moved.

Dropped Torby off at daycare very very very late.
Got to work in time to check my emails and then leave to go donate blood.
Donated blood. Very careful to read my book while the man put the needle in. Still Ow!
Felt woogy and flushed so made to wait in chair for a few more minutes before being released to go drink my milkshake and eat my sausage roll and cake. Made appointment for 6weeks time to do it all again.

Came home.

Lay on couch.

Played warcrack while eating lunch and drinking lots of water.

Nw and Torby come home and are cute.

Fight Club and the sewing and the late dinner and the overtired child wrangling and the organising campsites.

Back on couch and gathering energy to change sheets on the bed before collapsing into it with vows to sleep through the night.



anti ob said...

I gave blood the other day too. First time in my life I passed out (twice!) Very disconcerting, and a little embarrassing, since I was a latecomer and they were trying to close up shop at the time. Wasn't the needle or anything - just needed to actually eat breakfast - or possibly lunch - before donating...

DV said...

ya think?? :)