Tuesday, 3 March 2009

question of the day

Why do people put their money to pay for coffee on the counter rather than actually giving it to the person?
Am I the only one who finds it rude?


Wenchilada said...

No, you're not alone, it's rude. Mind you, in some cultures, it is not the done thing to physically hand someone money or to touch money that has been handed to you.

It used to be the way here and some places I go to seem to fumble a little, but mostly it is more accepted here that you will hand your money to the person, rather than putting it on the counter (though frequently, they will put it on the counter rather than hand it to you).

But I'm not in Australia and, the acceptable and polite social norm is to hand your money to the person and for them to hand you your change.

JD said...

Yup, it's rude.

In the parts of Europe I've been to, though, it's the same: they put the money on the counter, whether they were paying or giving out change. Not that it stopped me from handing over payment and holding my hand out for change! I'm sooo unhygenic!

I think they do the same as us in NZ, if memory serves.

Katrijn said...

Yep - we have a coffee shop two doors down from work (they are Australian) that refuse to hand you your change, even if you have your hand out. They will put it on the counter. I don't go there very often - I find it too off putting!