Wednesday, 25 February 2009

the pitfalls of toilet training.

We've re-commenced the toilet training for Torby and it's going very well. We stopped to bribery like the slack parents we are.
An unfortunate side effect is his 'helpfulness'.
"Push mummy, you've got to push"
"I check your bottom mummy"

Not at all disconcerting, not at all.


Wenchilada said...

Yeah... and then there's the round of applause one gets:

"Mummy did a wee-wee on the toilet! Yayyyyyy Mummy!"


Nothing is sacred...

Mindy said...

I get 'let me seeeeeee' and 'Mummy you did a poo!' yes darling I did notice. Oh the joys.

Megz said...

there are parents that don't use bribery? really? I doubt it!