Sunday, 15 February 2009

25things about memememe (from facebook)

1. I have a birthmark on one thigh and a tattoo on the other. I often forget that they are there.

2. I wish that I was artistic. I love that people are talented enough to dance/sing/paint/etc well and wish I could be one of them.

3. Despite being a useless morning person, I struggle to sleep in past 7am. Even before the munchkin came along.

4. I love playing games of any sort. I love the interaction of card and board games. I love the running around in virtual worlds in computer games. I love it all.

5. I get very excited about birthdays and Christmas. Not because of the presents, but because of the happiness.

6. Having said that, I really like getting presents. I like knowing that someone has thought of me at some point. I like giving gifts for the same reason.

7. I read the end of books first. i like knowing how it ends.

8.When I was young I had bright blue eyes and really black hair. Now it's all sort of faded. Hair-dye is my friend.

9. I think I'm getting hayfever as I get older. These last few years have been very snot-fillled. ugh

10. People fascinate me. I like hearing their stories and trying to figure out what makes them tick, why they do things, why they feel that way etc. Part of me thinks I should have been a Psychologist, the other half think an Anthropologist.

11. I spent a lot of my childhood either curled up on a chair reading books or splashing about in the pool. It was a pretty fabulous way to grow up.

12. It's been nice getting older and having different relationships with my family. I now realise their faults and have come to accept them. I think a big part of that was realising that what most annoys me about them are the things that I least like about myself.

13. My mum died of cancer when I was 11. Having a child of my own made me really really miss her. I want to ask her what I was like, I want to know how she did it, i want to Oliver to know her. I get sad that i can't even tell him many stories about her because it's all too fuzzy and clouded by her being so sick for the last few years.

14. I enjoy cooking for people. I like experimenting and tweaking and making food yummy and feeding people. Because I am incapable of following a recipe I often mess up the timing. I don't mind eating the vegies first and then the riast lamb for dessert but I find it too stressful to inflict that on other people. Hence a lot of one pot dishes get served.

15. I have square scar on the bottom of my foot. Apparently from leaping into a bin when I was 3. I have a lot of other scars all over my body from being a clumsy child who scars easily. My knees are kind of scars upon scars upon scars.

16. I hate tomatoes and avocados and it makes me nauseous when i accidentally eat them. Texture is wrong . I struggle to eat anything that has touched them. They infect the dish with their ickiness. However, i don't mind tomato based pasta sauces and I love guacamole on nachos. Yes, yes, i am a princess.

17. hehehe. i just got raspberryed by my son. He thinks it's hilarious.

18. I get distracted easily.

19. When i was born, i was in the humidicrib land. I was jaundiced and had gotten thirsty on the way out so had drunk some amniotic fluid. One biiig yellow baby amongst the teensy premi babies must have been quite funny to see.

20. I didn't enjoy high school, had a nicer time at Uni and am loving where I am at the moment. I like being an adult and being vaguely stable.

21. When I yawn, I try to breathe in and out at the same time. I end up making a weird drain sucking noise. My brother in law finds this hilarious.

22. It bugs me when people talk about giving a sibling to their current child. It makes me think that the younger one will just be there as the older ones plaything. Irrational, I know.

23. I hate summer and the being hot and the sweaty. At least in winter you can rug up and use heaters and blankies etc.

24. I no longer watch or read the news. Too many dead baby stories. I rely on people and blogs to let me know if anything major happens. I'm sure one day i won't be so sensitive and I'll start watching again.

25. I have a not-so-secret love for trashy fiction and movies. It's pure escapism and my brain gets to switch off for the time it takes to read or watch. Luckily I read quickly.


anti ob said...

The 25 Random Things meme was apparently started artificially as part of a study on how diseases spread. Which doesn't make your answers any less interesting, mind, but the idea amused me so I thought I'd pass it along...

Toasty said...

22 - I'm a younger sibling too, but that's why I want to have more than one.

spyder said...

21. It IS hilarious (and some times frightening)