Tuesday, 4 July 2006

A weekend in which the heroine....

bought new shoes
fed piggly-pigs
got haircut (at last!!!!)
attended a hens night
got squiffy
slept in
dyed fabulous new hair
got work done
made dinner
went to sleep

may she have many more just as pleasant!


MrSnerg said...


She also uploaded some funky pictures on to Flickr ;-)

Baggy Trousers said...

Sounds lovely!!!
Off to check out photos!

DestructoMeg said...

And the piggly-pigs were very grateful. poor starved beasties.

DV said...

Yes, the poor, large bottomed, fat cheeked pigs.
Skin and bones they were, you could hardly see them side on.
We were very warmly and squeekily welcomed. Particularly when the grass wa shoved through.