Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A day I wish to not repeat

0300 - 0430 - toss and turn in bed
0431 - get out of bed, have shower, get dressed, potter about
0605 - head off to train station
0710 - arrive at work
0711 - become swamped under mountain of work
0900 to 1230 - waste hours of my life in a pointless training session
1230 to 1245 - scoffle food and try not to think about amount of work to be done before hometime.
1245 to 1730 - get enough work done to allow the panic attacks to cease.
1731 - decide that 10hrs20min is more than enough time to spend at work for a day and head home.

Luckily, once the deadline has been reached tomorrow, it will all be calmer and I can go back to plotting ways to maim the lass whose job I'm doing for putting me in this position. Seriously, what on earth has she been doing for the past fortnight?? Clearly not her job, so I'm curious.


Dawn said...

interesting. You just roughly described 10 years of my working life= only slipped back an hour or so and with added out of hours phone calls. 's why I wanted to stop

DV said...

and is good that you have. Yay for good life decisions:)