Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday morning randomness

Yoga will now happen on Wednesday night not Saturday morning. I called them up to diuscuss deferring the 8weeks I'd paid for until next term after I realsied that I'd miss out on a few too many classes (includong the fiorast one which I was too drop dead asleep for). The lass noted that there really was a class on Wednesdat evening and the printed timetable had a typo. This is awesome as Saturday mornings are the morning I'm most likely to be asleep for (very early mornings all week plus no naps makes me a bit ratty by the time the weekend happens) however, it does mean I won't be attending with MissCharlie. Next term will be better I hope.

2weeks in and I'm still enjoying my new role and working in the city. I've even manged to remember the names of a few people.

As of last night, I have a 2 peices of a bodice and 2 eyelets sewn in. I plan on making the eyelets, purtting it on and then sewing the shoulder seams up. Then applying trim (as long as it fits and the shoulders work) etc etc etc. For such a simple frock (basic little frock based on the Raphael girls - made it before and it's a lovely easy style that is good for camping in) it's been doomeed from the start so I don't have many hopes for it actually working but we shall see.

Torby and I have been getting to know the other kids and their parents on teh street a bit more. Is nice that he's feeling a bit more comfortable and included around them and I'm enjoying chatting to the parents. Yay for neighbourhoods and communities.

Looking forward to BBQ at our house on Friday night to celebrate MissKrin being in town. Will eb jice to catch up with her and Jed and to see people.

Am still feeling disorganised and slightly apathetic about Festival. Usually by now I'm starting to get a little bit excited but apparently not this year. We're starting to dicuss maybe not going the year after next (next year will be the Lemmings 20th Anniversary so Nw realy should be there for that) A year off is sounding really really good.

Having said that, we will most likely get there and have a hoot. just like every other year.

But now, work awaits (mmm graphs of Monthly Budget Variances - betcha you're jealous) and there will soon be a fire drill and I've got to find the hard hat and torch I'll be using (am back-up firewarden - clearly didn't step back fast enough) and be ready to put on shoes that are less high and pointy toed. Falling down stupid firestairs is generally not a good look.

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