Monday, 12 April 2010

What I did on my holidays

The Festival - The bits that I wasn't sick for were lovely. The weather was very pleasant, the company delightful (as always) and the ritual of it all very comforting. We even had Lyrebirds near the campsite that thoughtfully came out each day and were photogenic and pretty and a goanna that waddled across the path and climbed a tree.

The Frock - I maded a new one! A lovely blue and red Italian. It's cute, it fits, it worked and I got to wear it. Quite happy with it.

The Tent - We inherited Nic & Murray's monster tent they used at Family Camping after christmas. It was dubbed the Taj Mahal. It's a weird design where you walk into a big open centre space and there are 3 sleeping pods around the outside. It's all kinda awesome and our futon fit in a pod but was uncomfortable to have 2 adults sleeping in there..the angle of the outside wall is too steep. So Torby and I shared the bed and Nw got to sleep on the stretcher in the other pod. At least for that first night. After that it was just one of us with a huuuuuge tent and a really comfy spacious bed. Kinda awesome in it's own way.
I think next year we'll see if the kids are big enough to sleep in a seperate tent and they can have the Taj and Nw and I will return to our original tent which is not quite as spacious but certainly big enough if we don't have to squish a Torby in as well. We shall see.

The Plague - Torby got the plague (oh okay a chest infection of some sort) and combined with his (probable) asthma, we all(him especially) had an utterly miserable night on Thursday. It culminated in going back to bed soon after daylight and thehn throwing up. The boys went away after that i was on my lonesome. Would have been nicer if I wasn't worried about the munchkin, sad that Nw didn't get to stay onsite and utterly sick and miserable lacking in sleep and fevery myself. Yep, having the shakes and cold clammy too hot, too cold, wheezy, snotty gunky experience whilst camping in frocks and no easy way to get home is not an experience I ever want to repeat. I was a bit more human by Friday night so got to be fed (thanks Spyd) and have a glass of wine with a lot of ice and stayed up until at least 8:30.
The boys visited again on Saturday but left before the Feast that night. Torby was still miserable and sick.
Fliss volunteered to take me home with them on Sunday so I could be sick and plaguey in my own house with the munchkin and Nw could have two nights at Festival with driving back and forth so much. (The original plan was for him to come back with Torby on Monday, pick me and a load of stuff up aand take us home and then come back and have Sunday/Monday night there)

I still can't laugh without it disolving into a deeeeelightful cough and am still a bit headachey and feeble but the three days at the end of last week the doctor made me stay home for (instead of returning to work) were useful. Torby still sounds about as good as I do but is also on the mend and we've been sending him to daycare/preschool since Wednesday as I think he was getting a bit bored and scratchy at home.

The Weekend - Was nice to be sociable (a dinner, a bbq and a lunch) this weekend as I was really missing everyone. I didn't quite get my social fix at festival due to plague and leaving early so I was very keen to see people now that it's all evened out. Yay for food and wine and munchkins and chums

The Plans - Looking forward to next year (and the Conquistador party that is being planned to celebrate The Lemmings being around for 20years) and still looking forward to taking a break the year after and going somewhere else and doing something else. Don't know what yet but I've been going to Festival for ummm 13years? 14years? and Nw has been for 20. Really is time for a break methinks.

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