Thursday, 18 March 2010

Yay for lunchtime adventures

Megzzzzzz came and met me for lunch today and then we wnet shopping.
Lunch was in a salady/sammichy hole in the wall that was super duper packed. Delicious but squishy.
Lincraft was actually useful for once. Well, the staff weren't and it's full of large amounts of crud and it's not at all organised, but it actually had the plain coloured cotton that Meggzz wanted, the curtain rings I wanted, the little mini chickens I was looking for (for hiding around the campsite at Festival so the children can have their easter hunt that involves no chocolate) and also had some raunchy blue and gold brocade that I don't need but bought anyway. It's so purty.

A trip to Victorias Basement was needed to buy a vase for a lass at worl (well, not really at work anymore as she's retiring and it's her job I'm now doing)
It's a fabulous place full of house pron - and full of soma especially ahem..haunting.. pieces.
Scary to walk through it's cramped aisles with a handbag though, so much breakableness, so little space.

But now I'm back and in my absence, people have piled my desk with work to be done and soon it will be hometime and I get to collect Torby from daycare and attend his final swimming lesson and I should probably find the half of my desk that is covered in paper and boxes and scribbly notes.

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