Thursday, 15 June 2006

I am so smart, s-m-r-t!

Over the last day and a half, I have learned the following;

-how to add the recent comments thing you'll see on the right hand side of the page thanks to Destructomeg
-how to add notes to photos on Flickr
-that it's really really annoying to stub your toe while sneaking around in your sons room while he's asleep.
-that I've never mastered the art of swearing quietly when in pain
-that babies don't like to be woken up by their mothers screaming fuckety fuckety fuckety bollocks two centimeters from their cot.

All good lessons, I think.


DestructoMeg said...

As the Queen of toe-stubbing I feel your pain.... and point and laugh :)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

that's a great tip, DV - thanks for the heads-up! ;)

DV said...

speedy - i thought you'd find it handy to know!