Thursday, 8 June 2006

a nice day

You know how sometimes you are lucky enough to have a pleasantly lovely day.
Well, so far, I'm having one.
Torby woke up about a minute after I did, we then got to wake MrNw up when his alarm went off, I've pottered about doing some washing (yay sunshine!) dishes and making of delightful smooshes for Torby (parsnip, carrot, potato and pea. can we say 'stuff left in the fridge'?)
Little man has been very cute despite being a bit snuffy and not liking apple and mango for breakfast. who can blame him, mangoes are revolting!
I've played KOL for a bit and got some more stuff for my campground.
Read my chums' blogs (hello Miss J it's lovely of you to join us)
The smell of MrNws fat boiling last night has gone (he is teaching a class on candlemaking the medieval way which involves tallow which you get by boiling up a lot of pig kidney fat. it's stenchy and icky)
I've eaten a really yummy crisp apple.
I've updated my sidebar links and written this post.

Let's hope the rest of today is as pleasant!

Update: to stuff up a saying 'happiness comes before a shit afternoon'. Torby got even snuffier and 'I can't get to sleep because my nose is too blocked up to allow me to suck on my dummy' lasted for about an hour. I've decided that the people who invented the baby nose aspirators should get a nobel prize.


DestructoMeg said...

oh oh oh! I'd kill for a lovely crisp apple!

(My day has been... long! 1:30am I got on a flight from Darwin to Sydney... arrived 6:30 in Syd (with at most 2 hours sleep).. at work by 8am. Will hopefully leave by 7.. and then home to pack for Cold War. I swear it was a good idea at the time....)

DV said...

that is a dumb plan!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

mmmm dumb plans...

how's MrNw's finger?

btw ta for the baby carrier (at last! and even with The Delightful Nanna's silliness). it rocks.

my word ver: uqdregy. sort of how you feel after Cold War.