Tuesday, 20 June 2006

My feet, my precious feet

On Saturday, I got up bright and early and trundled off to the craft fair with Hunnydd to look at billions of lovely quilts (one lady spent 7 years on one quilt. mad I say. It was a lovely quilt though) I got to introduce Hunnydd to the fabulous world that is the craft fair. It's an eye-opening experience. So many natty outfits and scrapbook enthusiasts (sp??) in one place. We also had a look at the Vikings exhibition at the maritime museum and had some lunchy-ness and took our very very very sore feet home.

The lovely Coz and Ob fed us dinner and we played a new Cheapass game called Captain Treasure Boots. I'm proud to say that I am queen treasure boots!!! After merriment and food we walked home (2 suburbs later)

on Sunday we went shopping and ran into Andrew and Morgan at the Ikea heaven at Rhodes (you're only allowed in if you have a child, are expecting a child or gay). Part of my hates running into friends when I'm shopping. I think it has a lot to do with I usually look like homeless person and am focused on getting home. This adds up to me not being very social, just awkward!
Once home I stood up for many an hour to make Torby's smooshes and a carrot cake and do some washing up. Luckily that afternoon we went to visit friends to admire their new house (so fabulous and funky and weird) and eat yummy food and have lovely company. I was almost revivified(yes it's a word)
Monday I trot to work and back via Torby's daycare (1 suburb) and today is the same (except I'm home early. yay! )

All this adds up to one little girl with very sore feet!

If only I wasn't ticklish and could stand having my feet massaged!

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