Monday, 26 June 2006

One night in Mexico and the world's your mescal

What do you get when you mix people who drink a lot, some tequila, burritos, a sombrero, fake moustaches and a card game called '1000 blank cards'?

Ob the (sideways) mariachi man. You think you know someone huh?
Is that a bee in your bonnet good sir?

Brendan decides (okay, is dared to) play wince. How do you play wince, I hear you ask? You squeeeze a lemon (or lime in this case) into your eye.

And then you go OW! a lot

My favourite of night was in fact the octopus with the 3year growth.


Miss Krin said...

So funny, it was all so funny, I'm still laughing at these photos.

DestructoMeg said...

heh awesome! I always knew Ob needed a big moustache.

"And then you go OW! a lot" I can't remember Berengar saying 'ow'. if I remember correctly it was a little stronger than that!!!!! ;)

DV said...

I had to keep it nice, my son reads this blog :-)