Monday, 5 June 2006

the salt mines

well, it was my first day down the salt mines.

what can I say except it went faster than I thought it would, not much has changed and the people I work with are still idiots.
My big boss, basically gave me the task of figuring out what hadn't been done the last 6mths and how to fix it. Yay, lucky me.

If I had to hear "oh we didn't do that because we weren't trained in it" one more time, I was going to scream!!!!
The main problems with this statement are;
Yes you were trained in it actually. I know this because I did it!
There is a sheet of instructions on how to do it written in very plain step by step english with pretty pictures and everything. I know this because I created it!
When I started at this job, I wasn't trained either, I just sensibly thought that I should probably FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT MYSELF!!!!!
Yep, 6months leave and on my first day back, I still know more. What is this public service coming to? (aaaahhh, that feels better)

As far as Torby's first day at daycare went, he seemed happy, his carer said he could stay and I missed him a lot. Now he's sitting on my lap, chewing on shoulder and squealing with delight.

Also, if you're going to wear high heels for 7 hours straight when you haven't really worn them for about 9 months, don't pick the really high ones. Even if they are really nice and look fabulous.


Baggy Trousers said...

Higest of high heels, after 9 months! That is crazy!!

Miss Eudoxia said... really are being a victim to fashion :-)
Isn't the publiuc service wonderful? It is so heart warming to know that no matter how long you have been away for things just never change.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oooh you and those strappy little numbers...

DV said...

not strappy, just high. It's too cold for the starppy ones now. sigh

the public service is great. particularly the not being allowed to fire people for being stupid!

MrSnerg said...

There are many who refer to the public sector, including the fringes such as universities, as "sheltered workshops". A little cruel? Perhaps. I'll let you decide whether your salt mine is a workshop.

DV said...

i used to go to meetings that were reffered to as 'basket-weaving classes.
I think my work shall know be known as the sheltered mine (tm)