Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Torby does not heart haircut day

I lured him to sit down quietly with the beloved Play School dvd, gave him some snackyness to further the distraction and then cruelly hacked off his beautiful long locks.

I don't think I will be forgiven for a long time (or at least until he wants a story read or some food or a hug or something)

In fact..yep, I've been forgiven already :)

Updated with Picture for MrNw


Anonymous said...

Picture please.

Mr Nw

Mindy said...

He's very cute. You are very clever for cutting his hair yourself. We usually leave it up to the barber who must sigh everytime he sees us coming. It takes about 10 minutes of convincing, bribes of seeing Nanny/and or Grandma, shouting, etc before he will consent to have his hair cut. Thank goodness second baby was a girl and we can just let her hair grow.

Destructomeg said...

I'm sorry... but he is just SO SO SO cute!

Mousicles said...

I'm in favour of the Islander custom of not cutting hair until they're five. It would make life easier.

We are starting to get the bestest ringlet forming.

Destructomeg said...

Ignore my gushings! Too much red bull.