Sunday, 14 October 2007

home and clean and tired and happy

In the last few days I have;

- been driven slightly insane by a screaming toddler who refuses to sleep.

- had people over for dinner a few nights in a row. It's reminded me how much I like feeding people. Yes, I really am secretly an Italian grandmother.

- celebrated the end of Megzz flute exam. Don't tell her but I'm proud that she did it and learnt stuff and everything. She's very cool. This shall be our little secret.

- an email conversation with an old friend that I think has been good for both of us.

- lunch with chums.

- had a hoot of a time at Galileo's Gazing. Nw decided to take Torby home on Friday night due to the munchkin acting like a bit of a pork chop. Meant I got some time by myself. I was a wild and crazy young thang and sat around chatting to people until at least 9:30pm before trundling off to bed. I am such a party animal these days :) I woke up in the morning to find my tent surrounded by horses so I went and bribed some of them with apples and grass and some of them let me scritch them and everything!!! I went squee a fair bit. I wanna pony!

- set up a tent in dark and rain...mmm damp

- had lots of walks around what will be the new Festival site. so pretty and interesting and I really need to buy gumboots for next year.

- officially became Finn's protege. I think it's because I feed her wine. Considering that I was squiffy and she was not especially sober when she first asked me, I think this is a fair call. Before you ask, I made her ask me again when we were both sober. Hmm wonder how drunk I'll have to get her before she is willing to do it as a ceremony very quietly during an already overly-long court. Wonder how drunk I'd have to get myself as well :)
Must make sure she doesn't get a chance to talk to M to find out how useless an apprentice I am...

- Loved coming home and seeing that the lillies I'd bought a few days ago had all opened up and made the house smell just gorgeous. I really do love flowers. Must make it my mission to always have them in the house. They make me happy.

- Generally had a lovely time (with the exception of Torby throwing hissyfits because he's over-tired)

In a few hours I will be meeting people in town for dinner and to go see The Cat Empire. The perfect end to a pretty fabulous weekend

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