Monday, 15 October 2007

the deafness is normal right?

I've just got home and showered and am being a good cherub and drinking a huuuuge glass of water. Oh and going w00t and squee and yay and everything. All this because I have just been to see The Cat Empire playing at The Metro.
My god they go orf!!!
I bounced and leapt and generally had a hipshaking good time.
I love the way that they sound on CD and I love they way they go wild when live. The huuge instrumental sections, the organicness, the soundscapes they create, the everything really.
Now to take myself off to bed and wait for the deafness to go away (we were up against the barrier just to the right of the speaker stacks) and my legs to forgive me for all the bouncing I made them do..

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