Wednesday, 21 March 2007

ooh such a perfect morning

I have had one of those lovely mornings where everything just works.
Slept in (woohoo 7am)

elped get Torby ready to go to grandmamas for the day including the de rigeur sqealing o the bed whilst kicking our legs in the air.
Waltzed onto train
Perfect cup of coffee for free (buy 5 get one free)
Did useful work stuff including very complimentary meeting.
Confirmed I'm enrolled ina 2day course i wanted to go to
Left after a few hours and did some shopping.
Home, eat nummy lunch and an afternoon of slugging and warcracking ahead.
What more could a girl want.

It almost makes up for Torby 'adding a little something' to his bathwater last night.
Give you a hint. It wasn't a bunch of flowers


Destructomeg said...

He's getting very good at that isn't he!

Mousicles said...

third time makes it a tradition!

DV said...

oh i hope not.