Sunday, 4 March 2007

A party to celebrate my ageification

We had my birthday party yesterday to celebrate me being a big grown-up.

It was fun and casual and had lots of children.
It's the way I like my parties these days.
So very very different to my 21st.
Although I think I stayed up later at this party than at my 21st.

Thanks to my friends who came and helped me celebrate this milestone.
It meant a lot.

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Yolande said...

$%#%$#!! Which is a word I'm not allowed to use around Oliver. For some reason I had decided this was next week and that I was only failing to get to Gillian's gig yesterday. Mad, I tell you. We even have a pressie ready to go and all. We suck. But we're very glad to hear that you had a grand old time and this could be the excuse we've been looking for to drop by and give you your tent back. SORRY! We do love you.