Thursday, 1 March 2007

my niece

So, in case you didn't know (i.e living under a rock) it was my birthday on Tuesday.

I was around at Meg's house before we went out to dinner

My eldest niece announced very very excitedly that she got me a present, 'helped' me to open it, accepted my compliments on choosing a particularly gorgeous handbag from Leo Monk (oh how I love handbags), denied getting any help from her mother, insisted I then look at the card (which had strangely enough been signed in strange two yr old-esque writing by isobel, zoe, mum & dad, hmmmm) and take it in and out of the envelope, remark on how it's got leaves (that man's a skellington, I've got new socks) on it and then get distracted by some type of shiny thing.

Yep, I think we're related!

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Miss Krin said...

*chuckles* yes, she is a waters child, no denying it.