Tuesday, 27 February 2007

bye bye 20's

Hello 30's!!!!


Miss Krin said...

Happy Birthday Miss DV! Hooray for you! I hope you receive many shiny things, including sunny smiles from your son and your husband.

Cozalcoatl said...

YAY have a good one. The 30's are as scary as you may think ;)

(hope this works, your blog seems to eat my comments....i do comment but they don't turn up)

Jane Doe said...

Nahnah Nahnah Nahnah
You say it's your birthday
Nahnah Nahnah Nahnah
It's my birthday too yeh (ok in a few days)
Nahnah Nahnah Nahnah
They say it's your birthday
Nahnah Nahnah Nahnah
We're gonna have a good time
Nahnah Nahnah Nahnah
I'm glad it's your birthday
Nahnah Nahnah Nahnah
Happy birthday to you.

Gabrielle said...

Happy-bloody-birthday you old trout.

Wenchilada said...

Happy Birthday, DV! Have a great day, hope you get good stuff.

Destructomeg said...

gah it ate my earlier 'happy birthday'!


Baggy Trousers said...


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

nice to see the by-line's been updated ;-)

hope it was a good one, Missus.

AutumnHeart said...

Happy birthday to you!

Mousicles said...


what they all said

Yolande said...

You are still YOUNG. And gorgeous. Remember to enjoy these years before your memory gets too bad to recall what yesterday was like ... So, you know, about 70 years from now ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And yes, we are getting you a pressie.

The Other Andrew said...

w00t! Happy birthday!

MrSnerg said...

Hoorah and yay!

fliss said...

hope you had a most excellent day which also involved chocolate cake! Happy Birthday schweets!