Friday, 16 February 2007

oh miss potter!

Went to the movies yesterday after my gruelling 2 and a bit hoyurs of work and before the lovely lunch with the lovely Krin. Yep it's a hard life.
anyway, the movie I saw was 'Miss Potter' .
It was lovely and pretty and interesting and well done (a bit slow towards the end but that's probably because I really needed to wee). My only problem with the whole movie was Renee Zelwegggerer. Can she possibly, even for 2 seconds, crack a smile or a frown or something other than that annoying little pursed poutylip thing she does.
I mean really, smiling isn't that hard. Mind you neither is eating. Maybe if she did that she'd have the energy to un-purse her lips.

So, if you aren't as annoyed by her as I am, go see it. If however you find it hard to restrain yourself from screaming at the screen, 'step away from the botox and go eat something!' whenever you see her, don't. Other people in the cinema might get a bit snippy.


Jane Doe said...

I tried very hard, and actually managed to, ignore the pouty thing. I think a more appropriate warning would be the wrinkles she's giving herself - nothing stops a woman from contorting her face quicker than the mention of wrinkles!

She really does need a hamburger.

Mousicles said...

I saw it today with the mother's group. I thought it was a very sweet film. It made me want to do out and buy all the books.

I suppose the RZ thing didn't bother me. I was just glad to have 2 hours watching the screen. The boy either slept or watched it with me.

Hoorah. I'm now looking forward to trying more films when something decent it showing.

Mousicles said...

Actually. Now I've had more time to consider, RZ did bug me. But it wasn't the pout, it was the squint. Perhaps it's all the same expression.

The animation was fabulous though. And Ewan, he was loverly too.