Sunday, 4 February 2007

sun damaged and sleepy

Yesterday BaggyTrousers, the Canadian (tm) and I went went for a bushwalk through the Royal National Park.
By bushwalk through the National Park, I mean coastal walk/rock scramble/swim between Bondi Beach & Coogee.
There was trackwork between town and the park so sensibly we gave it up as a bad plan and headed to the beach instead.
Well, wouldn't you!

There was the picnic on the cliffs, the swimming at Bronte and the children forming their own blue-bottle death squad, the scrambling over rocks and poking things in the rock pools (you can tell that the canadian isn't australian by his way of actually poking random creatures with bare hands. where is his sense of self-preservation, where is the ingrained knowledge that every single living creature wants to kill you!!!)
I got to wallow in the water at Clovelly. I haven't done that since I lived there years and years ago. Must go again and bring goggles so I can look at all the fishes and rockes and cool underwater stuff.
We walked through Waverley Cemetary. It was as beautiful as I remembered it.
We ate dumplings and pork candy for dinner with chums
I almost fell asleep in the pub at the late hour of 9pm.
Haven't seen that much sunshine in way too long.

I know have a touch of sunburn on my back and my cheeks are a bit pink.
Legs don't hurt though. Knew all that walking with Torby was doing someting other than making my man-calves even manlier.

I managed to not take a single photo. Trust me , it was all beautiful


sugar4mybabies said...

Neat blog, I enjoyed reading it. By the way, what in the world are dumplings and pork candy with chums? It actually sounds good!

Baggy Trousers said...

Oh, I love it when our crazy language needs to be deciphered!

Chums are friends, and we try to avoid eating them, unless we've had too much tequila (I promise to never lick Berengar again...)

Dumplings are little tasty parcels of meat.

Pork candy is the perfect description for sweet and sour pork, as provided by the fave local dumpling establishment.

I like your description of the day. I was just thinking of writing up something similar...those kids were too much fun. And I liked the bits where we hung over cliffs and made ourselves giddy...