Sunday, 18 February 2007

to the beach!!!

if in doubt, hat on, pants off!, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

We dragged DestructoMeg & Snerg to Shoalhaven for a much needed "weekend out of town". There was wine tasting (mmmm, delicious wine), eating of strange pizza, playing of dumb games, drink of wine and beer and cider and a ginormous bacon-y breakfast followed by more wine tasting and antiqueing. It's a hard, hard life I tells ya!

There was also the beach for Nw, Torby & I early Sunday morning.

Very funny to watch the little one scurry towards the water only to get freaked out when the waves got him. He'd keep going back for more. Brave little sausage!

The water was so clear and so very cold. I loved it through all my girly squeals

Eventually he got too cold, so wapped him up in his super-hero towel and went back to the cabin for aforementioned breakfast.

Have a look at flickr for more photos.

We all had a hoot!

Well Nw, Torby & I did. Megzzz & Snerg were probably too tired to complain.


DestructoMeg said...

A total hoot. Hurrah for you for dragging us away from life for a little bit. So much better than real life ;)

And my kitchen is full of wine now!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

do you mean the Shoalhaven pizza place? I found them very keen, very nice, very exacting, nice toppings but... pre-made bases???


The Other Andrew said...

Oh, yeah, like my invite for the sand between toes and pre-made pizza base pizza-fest obviously got lost in the mail. Whatevs! :(