Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Musings from my desk

The following is the random email I sent myself from work today. It was one of those mornings, followed by one of those days

nice girs don't do that sort of thing

A lass today cvommented that 'You don't seem like the type who listens to that music. You're too nice'

The music she was reffering to was System of a Down.
I informed her that I listen to lots of types of music ranging from pop, rock, alt, heavy, death, aussie hip-hop, thrash, punk, sca, classical, opera, and lets not forget 'easy listening'

I find the whole notion that 'nice girls' don't listen to anything but mariah carey very strange.
Music gives you a greater understanding of humanaity and emotions and thoughts and ideas.
I don't agree with all of them but they are there and only listening to one type is too limiting.
but then some people don't read books.

does this shirt make me look pregnant

Okay, three disturbing things on the way to work this morning

1. the nice woman in the newsagent I occasionally (once a month at most) go into remembers me. She knows that Torby is just over a year old, she remembers where I work and that I only work a few days a week. Either I'm memorable, she has a freakishly good memory or she's stalking me. Not sure what to go with.

2. afforementioned nice woman, asked me if I was pregnant again. Yeah, I don't think she's that nice anymore either. Note to self, never, ever wear this top again.

3. my spirits were lifted however by the lass in my favourite cafe remembering my order. I like it when that happens.

What I meant to say was...

Hmm, when lass who is filling in for your boss pulls out a scrapbooking magazine, do not under any circumstances have a conversation along these lines
'oh cool, a scrapbooking mag, hand it over, I'm never allowed to look at them'
'why not?'
'because my friends will mock me mercilessly because it's a crap thing that sad old... oh bugger!'

those scrapbookers, no sense of humour


DestructoMeg said...

dood! Scrapbooking! no no no!


Mousicles said...

System of a Down is brilliant. Not only for their very clever lyrics but their use of harmony and rhythm.

I can't stand metal music, but I do appreciate shouting in harmony. So I'm also a TISM fan.

And yes scrapbooking as popular culture is kinda sad. The result is rather attractive but the fact there are people who buy special cardboard and go to classes to learn how is jokey.

But I'm sure you aren't the type that needs help with scissors so we will forgive you.

Hunydd said...

Note to self: buy DV scrapbooking materials for upcoming birthday that I *know* she really wants but will never admit, even under torture....

....speaking of torture, listening to Mariah Carey doesn't mean a person is nice, it just means they are stupid... and it's all right for people with actual taste in music to hit them mercilessly with a stick until they stop moving...

Oops. Inside voice, must remember inside voice.

Wenchilada said...

Don't get me started on scrapbooking!

fliss said...

i did chortle and even snort reading this. I now stare people down and say "actually she is 5 years old" when they ask when the bub is due and watch them crumble with embarrassment... and music - yes well I suppppooooose a PC manager wouldn't have butterfinger's figjam on in the car when she is driving around (singing along to don't give a * bout your corporate heirachy and all) - i'm sure it made a great impression on the fresh faced employee i had with me at the time... scrapbooking - well the less said the better, but gosh it's handy for crafty school projects...