Thursday, 15 February 2007

you have been warned

If you hate 'loved-up couple doing romantic valentines day thing' stories, stop reading now!

So, after warning Nw a few days ago that V-day was fast approaching and I needed some romancey type things to happen, he delivered!
The flowers were delivered in the morning, the evening ame and the child was whisked away to the grandparents and then I was whisked away to town to get the ferry across to Manly for fish & chips on the beach (v similair plan to one of our first dates) we then strolled back and had a beverage (amusingly enough, nw had a beer called stiegl) in the belgian/bavarian (so hard to tell the two apart) bier cafe. Then ice cream, ferry ride home and sleep.

Taking the ferry across the water reminded me just how pretty the harbour is. It really does take my breath away. So sparkly and stuff.

(Just so you know it wasn't completely one sided, I gave Nw, some choclites and some beer. I'm a good wife.)


Jane Doe said...

Such romanticness... *sigh*

DestructoMeg said...

ya know, I hate Valentine's Day, but this year... I dunno I'm in the headspace of thinking that relationships are *SO* worth celebrating, on a society level too ya know, coz they really are one of the glues that stick us all together and make everything work. And celebrate thaose who make their relationships work.. I really admire my parents for all the work they have done and hope to be still working on my relationship and communicating with my partner in 30 years time :)

Snerg and I drank wine and hung out. Not that we needed to have society make an excuse for us to do that, but it was nice. And important :)

(sore point this morning, one of my work collegues has decided to split up with her partner of 20 years, wonders why it's all crap and why he wants his fair share and complains that she will be poor now and have to live in an apartment without a garden well DER I'm so sick of her drama!!! Divorce sucks. not a lot of sympathy from me, take the sighing elsewhere. It's been going on for months. Deal with it.)

Mousicles said...

We went to bed early this valentine's day. We obviously had too much fun last year.... By my calculations it was the day the boy was conceived (not that I thought, 'hey look at the date, better do something about it' at the time). A little TMI I'm sure.

DV said...

... but funny.

DestructoMeg said...

heh cute! (and just think how you will be able to embarrase him when he's a teenager ;))