Saturday, 17 March 2007

What noise do puppies make?

A kind of Bwowwowow noise if you believe my son.

We read a lot of Hairy Macleary books at casa de huntington-smythe and our particular favourite is Caterwaul Caper

Quite particularly the pages in which all the dogs are underneath the tree that Scarface Claw is trapped in and they all make a noise
'Yip Yip" said Schnitzel von Krum
'Bow Wow Wow Wow' said Bitzer Malony
and so forth

From the repeated readings of this page (and I do mean repeated) Torby has started making the Bwowowow noise a lot.
Mostly at pictures in books and as he thrusts the book at you to read one more time.

This morning, he saw our cat and Bwowowow-ed at her.

We nearly wet ourselves.


Cozalcoatl said...

hehe too cute...
Darwin will bark sometimes or make this 'being strangled, back of throat, speaking in tongues talk' but in a whisper. Probably not a good thing to put in a kids book cause it freaks us out. Lucky she is cute.

Mousicles said...

Ro Ro Ro said Bottomly Potts.