Wednesday, 14 March 2007

here's one i prepared earlier

my next recipe is called
'DV's piss-easy 6P pasta'

Step 1
chop up some pumpkin into cubes, toss with a little (i do mean a little) bit of sesame oil and salt and lashings of pepper throw onto baking sheet with a some whloe garlic and bake until yummy.
Step 2
dry fry some pine-nuts, put in bowl. Fry some chopped up pancetta or prosciutto.
Step 3
boil some penne
step 4
boil some peas
Step 5
Combine all ingredients plus lashings of mint (trust me) and some basil and some yummy olive oil and some parmesan.
Step 6
Eat. Maybe with extra parmesan.

if feeding filthy lovely vegetarians, put pancetta in seperate bowl to be added individually. This way they become what is known as 'meat sprinkles'

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Miss Jimmy said...

Glad you qualified that remark about vegetarians! And BTW it is a very yummy pasta having had the pleasure of eating it myself xxx