Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Tuesday Ramblings

An update on life.

Due to Torby's love of crawling and subsequent lack of walking and not falling down and wanting to crawl, we won't really be going to Festival.
Too hard to deal with any child at a camping event and once you add in big frocks, dirt and crawling, it's more than we are willing to deal with.
We will however, be going down for the set-up weekend. Much easier as no frocks, we can leave whenever we want etc.,
We may also see if the fabulous grandparents can look after him for a few days and go down by ourselves.
Eh. We'll see.
Means we can do other fun easter stuff. Just not sure what that is yet.

Also, it looks like I will become Rowany Seneschal. At least, that's the current plan. Things beyond my control may change.
It will be interesting and hopefully I will do a good job. I like Admin stuff. Mmmm databases!

You've already heard about the new 3days of work a week plan. My bargaining chip was that I now get to start earlier than 'coretime' allows. Means I left work at 4pm yesterday but had done 9hrs 10mins of work (not inc. lunch) It's a bit cunning.
My boss has also just approved a 2 day Project management course-y thing for me in April. Hurrah!

I finished a sewing thing!!! w00t I say!
A lovely pair of white linen hose. All hand sewn. So cute. Now I just need SOMEONE *cough* BT *cough* to finish my garters.
So, I think any sewing I may be doing on the weekend will be for the ever lovely JD so she will not be narkoo at Festival.
She's making a lot of German stuff. Nothing more German-y than posing under a tree wearing nothing more than a chemise, hat and wispy diaphanous veil. I shall hem the veil for her :)


Miss Jimmy said...

I am sad you are not going to be there but totally understand your predicament - he is a speedy little one isn't he?

BTW I may also be narku so if you need any more sewing jobs I can throw some your way!

Oh, The Joys said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you on the fabulous grandparent front!

Destructomeg said...

*pout*!! Totally understandable though! And hose! I need to make some! But I'm thinking I won't have chance till I get down there. But I'll have to talk patterning.. sometime. in that spare 10 mins i have..

DV said...

Jimmy - I' would love to help you not be narkoo. let me know what/when/etc

Joyful one - thanks. I may need all your finger crossing power!

Mindy said...

You can join the happy crowd staying here if you like, but that doesn't help much with crawling babies at Festival. But we still have some floor space free.

DV said...

Thanks for the offer mindy. We probably won't take you up on it however. If we can't ditch the little one, we'll just have fun in sydney.

Mindy said...

Plenty of space if you change your mind. If he will stay here without you for a couple of hours you are welcome to leave him for a bit of babysitting as well, to give you a break and chance to catch up with people.