Thursday, 8 March 2007

At least it's not Charlotte

In the corner of our shower we have 2 daddy-long-legs spiders.
I like them, they remind me of growing up amongst the hordes of them that lived in our bathroom, toilet, anywhere really.
They remind me of the time dad passed on the little factoid that they have one of the most deadly poisons ever inside them... (it was abig pause as I got whiter and whiter) but thehad short blunt little fangs that couldn't hurt me.

I have called them George & Georgina


Mousicles said...

Actually not a factoid but a mythoid.

Daddy long legs aren't spiders but from a group called harvestmen (they don't have silk and other differences)

They aren't poisonous but venomous.

Their fangs are plenty long enough to pierce skin.

Their venom is jokey.

Facts from Dr Karl's latest book in my toilet. Dr Karl could be used to fend off really deadly beasties.

DV said...

What? my dad who told me that drinking tea befor you're fourteen turns you yellow, may not have told the truth?
Hush now.
I drank tea before I was 14 and now I have olivey skin. it's proof.

Mousicles said...

Like my parents that if you play with matches you'll wet the bed...

Nah. Parents are never misinformed.