Friday, 9 March 2007

food, delicious food

I've just been catching up on some of my favourite porn sites food blogs, which remnded me that people have asked for a few of my recipes.

Bear (that doesn't look right) with me, a lot of my cooking is done by feel and taste and smell and whatever is in the fridge.

The first one is Nachos.
This is based on the 'recipe' given to me by my sister Meaghan. it's what MrNw woo-ed me with when we first started going out. If a boyfrend is willing to call up your sister who is also a friend of his to get her nachos recipe because you miss it knowing full well that he will be lauged at and mocked, you should keep him.

So, to feed about 6-8 people you will need,
The goo
3 tins of beans, I usually use 2 mexe-beans and 1 red kidney bean but any sort of combo is fine.
1 jar of fire roasted red peppers
2 packets taco seasoning
1 jar tomato passata
a capsicum
can refried beans

Cut onion into slices and fry off in teensy amount of oil with the garlic, add the jar of red peppers that has been drained of most of it's oil.
Add real capsicum that has been slicedinto strips.
throw in drained beans
add taco seasoning and two empty bean cans of water.
add refried beans
add in some of the passata. You want a runn but not too runny consistency. let simmer on stove until it looks about right.

get two baking dishes, add corn chips and a little bit of grated cheese, top with goo and more cheese.
Bung in oven until brown and yummy

Chop some red onion (maybe a quarter), coriander (lots) and chili (depending on how hot you like it) uber fine and throw into a motrar, or is it pestle? Eh, whichever one is the bowl. smush up with some salt and a little bit of lime juice. When it has formed a paste, add to avocado and stir through,.

Put on top of nachos with lashngs of salsa and sour cream and eat untill you feel sick.

I don't think I've forgotten to mention anything.

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