Sunday, 9 December 2007

a post about nothing much

It was Yule Feast last wasn't spectacular but it was ultimately very pleasant..kind of just what I needed. Got to catch up with old friends, chat with some new ones and generally hang out with a bunch of people I like. Always pleasant. The badges I'd asked Sveinn make (and the lovely Finn and Caspian helped paint) were handed out and they looked t'riffic. So happy. We all need more bling in our lives.

I love this blog template but I don't now how long it'll stay for. I kind of miss my links etc. Eh, we'll see.

The laptop died the other day but MrNw managed to fix it without too many swear words. Must remember to create backup/recovery disks in case it happens again. oh the technology!

Now, I'm going to put a dvd on and try to think sleepy thoughts... reading hasn't been helping so maybe this will. Wish me luck.


spyder said...

gack! Bring back the links, esp. since bloody Laela has cleaned up her links to. How am I suppose to know what everyone is up to.
Ring them?

Miss Krin said...

spyd: read mine? I think most blogs are still linked through my blog, although I've not updated in a while.

DV: Where's the template from, it's quite sexy

Destructomeg said...

have to agree with the sexiness of teh blog template, also, forbattle has quite the linx section.

mmmm sexy blog templates.

I should get out more!

Yule was fab in being just a lovely chance to say hi to some peoples in a relaxed way.