Monday, 17 December 2007

oh what a weekend

Hooray for delightful weekends!

There was children running around in the park for Torpy and Lumpelina
There was mass consumption of cake and fairybread by adults and children alike
There was seeing my sister Nic again after 2 years
There was seeing my dad again after 5years (and a bonus dinner last night)
There was lovely presents and crads from friends and family
There was a successful going to sleep at meg and jamie's for Torby
There was pizza and lost of wine

and that was just Saturday

Sunday involved lots of Christmas shopping (all done now..w00t!!!) and dinner again at M&J's (mmm ribses).

If anyone has photos of the pary on saturday, can you please, please pretty please send them/load them on flickr/something..okthxbai

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