Tuesday, 4 December 2007

mixed bag of stuff that's running about in my head...

- I'm awfully content with where my life is at the moment. Content with where my family ad friends are, content with who I am. I would, of course, prefer it if none of my friends lived in other cities.countries but I'm happy that they are happy with their lives and that they seem settled.

- I still have good and bad days/weeks/months but on the whole, am getting better. I do still need to remind myself to talk to my friends more about it as I know they like to be kept in the loop on my mental status as I do on theirs :)

- The SCA is just a game people. It's a diversion from real life but at the end of the day, you have to go home and be a normal person. Having said that, I'm enjoying the involvement I have with it at the moment. Not too much, not too little. Looking forward to Yule Feast on the weekend and seeing the reactions to the fabulous baronial officer badges I've organised. (and yay for sveinn for making them and Finn and Mr C for painting them..my god, MrC is good at the painting)

- It occurred to me the other day that the music I listen to on my iPod is a good indication for what I'm feeling. I have a big mix of stuff that I have on random and will skip past certain songs on certain days. So much of it is tied up in memories and associations I have with the songs or bands. Listening to a lot of the Barenaked Ladies stuff at the moment and remembering the fun times I've had in Melbourne and in planning Melbourne trips. must go back again soon. Also a lot of Cat Empire and subtly bouncing or swaying down the street.

- Am going to cook biccies etc for most people this year for christmas, partly as a money saving technique, partly as a brain space issue (the whole tryin g to find appropriate gifts for everyone can be exhausting at the best of times) and also I feel that most of us have way too much stuff in our lives already and either only really want specific things or edibleness...mmm edibleness.

- I love that so many of my friends are creative and are willing to let me read/hear/wear/look at what they have created. Wether it be writing, singing, sewing, drawing.painting, music, jewellery or just making things...I love it and am in awe of the talent.

- I'm excited for Finn et al about China next year..but will also miss them. The wondrous powers of teh interwebs will keep me going though. I think it's great that so many of us have blogs and a bunch of us talk through IM-services everyday. It's helped me develop or continue relationships. It's a different type of communication than face-to-face or verbal but still a very valid form nonetheless.

- Oliver's birthday party will now also involve Zoe's party. I kind of like it. Makes it easier for Meg and Jamie and for everyone else... so many babies born in Dec, so few weekends.

- Happy 1st Birthday to Zoe for today. We had a present opening/cake before FC tonight (Jamie's lovely mum was in town). I'm enjoying being there for my niece's and watching them grow up at such close range. Because Oliver is likely to be an only child, it's important to me that he has lots of other kids around. His extended family is great but his 'real' family is even more special. They all come from a bit of the same gene pool and I get glimpses of them all in each other.

- I'm having a lot of fun with warcracking... a bunch of us do a big instance on Monday nights and we are progressing through it and stuff. I play the game with a bunch of great people who are pretty much just like us (some of them are, in fact, 'us') and there's a great vibe. Makes it all the more addictive.

- I thnk I'm now tired enough to actually falla sleep soon...so on that note..away I go.

Luvyaz all and don't ever change :)


Miss Krin said...

"Also a lot of Cat Empire and subtly bouncing or swaying down the street"
You do SUBTLE bouncing or swaying?? How is that possible? I ssear I dance down the street whenever I have them on. It's good to dance :)

DV said...

Noo, let me keep my delsusion that I do so subtley....Considering that I've already been busted for carrying on converstains with myself while walking down the street with my lips moving, I'm not sure why I think that I have any claim to normalcy though :)

Mayela said...

It's lovely to hear you are at such a good place in life. Brought a smile to my day, thanks