Sunday, 23 December 2007

hooray for ritual

It occured to me again last night that I truly do love rituals and especially this time of year.
So, why did this occur to me last night?
I was sitting around at our annual Chrissie-Pissie and marvelling that I have been doing this for the past 8-10 years (I think). In that time it's changed (a bunch more children have appeared on the scene, including mine), the people attending has changed slightly and Speedy's backyard looks slightly different after the renovations but the rituals remain the same. We all bring amusink presents an they are distributed by surly (or smiley in this case) santa, we eat, we drink, we chat, we play with amusink toys, we generally all bond again as a group.
For the first time in about 8 years, I won't be attending Christmas lunch at Miriam and Richard's. Babies apparently need a nap during the day and will get rancid without them. Whilst this will be a good thing because now I'll actually be hungry at dinner, it will be odd to not partake of that ritual. MrNw may go though (if one of us needs to stay home with Torby, the one who can drive the car gets to go out) so he can tell me all about it when he gets home..hopefully that will be enough.
I guess as Torby gets older we will create new rituals as a family, I suspect that a lot of the ones we have now will be incorporated.
I like that on Christmas Eve, we gather at Meaghan's house and Nw's parents come over an we all have dinner together. I like sleeping over there so we all have present frenzy and brekkie together, especially now that there are the children. I like Christmas lunch (usually) and dinner with lots of friends. These are all things that make up my christmas. Mind you I also love the fact that lots of people throw coloured lights at their house and arrange it in a christmasy way...I love the gaudiness of it all!

My name is MissDV and I am a Christmasaholic. Admitting is always the first step.

Just in case I forget to say it later.

Merry Christmas and may you spend the time with those you love. Enjoy your rituals whatever they may be.

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