Friday, 13 April 2007


I asked a friend last weekend over a few quiet beverages, why are we all so very introspective and slightly unhappy at the moment.

Her theory was (as best as I remember it) was that we are all getting older and wiser and a lot of things have changed around us. (relationship breakups, deaths, sickness, leaving the country/state, other realtionshipy things)

It seems like a good theory but is it true?

I question partly because it's not just affecting our 'circle'. I read some lovely blogs and a few of the writers seem to be going through the same process.

I think I know why I'm dissapearing inside my own head, but why everyone else?

Am I just more aware of it because of my own situation? Similair to how you may never have heard a word before and then all of a sudden it's everywhere?

Am I just imagining these things?

On a good note, I've figured some stuff out since my last ranty post. Some good, some bad but at least it's not driving me insane anymore. It's a step. There will be a few more I suspect.


Miss Jimmy said...

"tutti normale" All normal. Not very exciting is it!

Sometimes I think that when the world feels a bit uncontrollable, dissapointing and scary people become introspective - searching for meaning. Unfortunately not all of us find religion an alternative.

I guess if it wasn't for retrospection though the writers of self help books would be out of a job...

Mustafa ┼×enalp said...

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Oh, The Joys said...

Is it the bad news, bad weather, winter that just goes on and on and on combo maybe?