Monday, 19 November 2007


I hate my mobile phone company because;

They use the stpid voice activated service that makes me start saying rude words after about 2 seconds
They keep trabsferring me between departments...and telling me that my phone should be working now. yes yes it should but it isn't you great big ijeets!

Okay off to go dream about a large vodka lime and soda and wait till the homicidal rage passes

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anti ob said...

I think I set a new personal record the other day. I tried to call the Sears store which is 5 minutes from our house. I used the phone number for them from the phone book. I talked to 2 completely different automated voice recognition systems, and 3 separate people in at least 2 different states (neither of them Arizona) before finally reaching the store. The person who picked up the phone probably wondered why I responded to their greeting with "A live person! In Flagstaff? Yay!"