Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Snotty and stuffy and sleepy.
The unholy trinity of the lurgy.
I want them to go away. I don't deal well with being sick. I hates it and I become whingy and moany and feeble and snappy.


Chicken noodle soup from the really good chinese place makes me feel nourished.

Making toffee and having it work for the first time ever makes me go squee.

Torby bringing me my pillow and then dragging the sheet and doona off the bed to keep me warm and comfy on the couch makes me giggle.

Nw remembering that the lat time I was this feeble and hungry, duck salad was the thing that worked and stopping at a thai place on the way home from shopping so I could could dash in and buy some, makes me feel loved.

Have used up the latest burst of energy now...time to lie down on the couch and let the munchkin tuck me in and kiss me better.

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Brigid said...

Big hugs, feel better soon. BTW I'm in town on the 8th, would love to catch up.