Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Torby catch-up

The cute/nice stuff he's doing at the moment

Pretending to be a dog.
There's a song from playschool
"There once was a dog
and his name was Bill
If you said Sit
He would sit very still
If you said Down
He would lay down flat
And If you said Speak
He would bark like that"
I sing this about eleventy billion times a day to Torby-dog. He thinks it's great!

We hid under blankets or pillows and then count 1,2,3 - Surprise!It's usually someone's birthday so then they get cake and a party hat and a present (Wow, thank you for my lovely rainbow/horse/book/house/etc) blow out finger candles and now even sing Happy Birthday. Brown bear gets very excited when it's his turn for a birthday.

Counting and the alphabet still feature quite strongly

He now hugs you and strokes your back like we do to him. Is cute

Very fond of announcing that he's three and a half!
Then goes on to list that Isobel is four and half and ZoZo is two and a half. Often followed by I'm a big boy and Isobel is a big girl and ZoZo is little girl. We occasionally then practise chastising ZoZo for saying his name wrong and telling her how it should be said. An extra addition may even be the reminder that ZoZo is a littler than him and she's just learning. I love how he carries on conversations with himself consisting of things we've told him.

Putting all the cushions onto the back of the couch and playing cheeky monkeys in the cheeky monkey tree. (5 cheeky monkeys bouncing on the bed...)

Climbing in to bed with us in the mornings with his pillow and blanket and snuggling down. Occasionally reading whichever book he's dragged along as well. Occasionally just telling us about his dream the night before (we assume that where the blue dinosaurs are from). Then the decision is made that it's morning so we get a kiss and a cuddle and a 'wake up Mummy/Daddy' shouted in our ears and it's time to trundle off to the living room for breakfast and TV while whoever was unlucky enough to get up with him lies on the couch and ekes out a few more precious moments of horizontallness.

Love love loves playing his computer games. His laptop is set up near my computer and I often get told we have to 'be busy' next to each other.

Has started riding his bike. We bought a bike with training wheels at a garage sale for $5-, Nw cleaned it up and fixed the chain and now it's a great delight to ride it around the street or down to the park.

He will sing along and copy the actions from his favourite songs. Usually the ones that are part of his computer games. Is very amusing.

Has learnt 'sharing' and 'fair'. Phrases like 'you have 3 cushions and Ihave one so that's not fair' and 'good sharing mummy. we like sharing' are repeated a lot. Taking turns is also a good thing. You wave a finger back and forth between yourself and another person and repeat 'your turn, my turn, your turn, my turn, your turn, my turn for a while.

Toilet training is working. He likes to point out my lack of willie whenever I'm on the toilet. Oh and to check if I've got any more poo or wee inside me. Helpful child. However there are less accidents happening so I'm fine with his interest in everyone's ablutions. I'm assuming it stops at some point. Right? Right?

Most nights he will read his books to fall asleep. Makes the bedtime ritual faster (no more of us reading him two stories) but we might have to restrict the amount of time he gets to read and muck around. He will happily do it for a few hours.Daddy is still the preferred person to put him to bed. I'm tolerated when there is no other option.

Him and Stampy are becoming friends. Stampy likes to hang around and jump onto his bed for a pat when he's getting put to bed and if he sleeps on our bed for naptime, she will stay on the bed and let him pat and kiss her. Further signs that our cat is turning into a hussy in her old age.

Umm bad stuff to temper out the rest.

Insists on doing things by himself and will throw tanty if it doesn't happen. Some days getting clothes in is a 3 hour process. Drives us insane. Love the independence, hate the howls of protest if you try to help buy undoing a button or untying a drawstring.

Food other than the 10 on the approved list is still evil and not to be eaten. getting more and more frustrated by this. We have successfully gotten him to try a few new foods amongst much threats of no DVD before bed/icecream/busytime/etc. Oh for a child who happily eats new foods.

That's all I can think of for now.

The good definately outweighs the bad.


Impish said...

The good is better than the bad, but oh... some days... how the bad just gives you the right royal irrits!

Still, Mr Torby is a most wonderful child and I'm thrilled you spend more time with a smile than a frown.

DV said...

When they're good, they're very very good and when they're bad they're freaking horrible and need to be sold to gypsies :)

Wenchilada said...

I almost sold LadyP off to the gypsies when we brought Mei-Mei home - good lord!

It is nice to see Torby is doing so well!

Oh and Impish! I have a pink butterfly here with your name on it. Just need somewhere to send it!