Friday, 22 May 2009

mmm sleeep

The lovely husband cunningly let me sleep-in when Torby woke us up at 6:30 this morning.

Oh the difference half an hour can make!

In other (much more exciting) news, it looks like we are definitely going to buy a house..well, try to anyway. The auction is next weekend.

The lovely lovely lovely parents-in-law are being most excellent and giving us a large amount of money (as an early inheritance) so that that a) the banks will lend us some money and b) we won't be in debt for all our loves, just most of it.

Have found a solicitor (thanks for the recommendation MsHunnyddddd), have got the pre-contract thingy you need before auction and we just have to get building inspection done and confirm that the bank will let us go into debt to them.

Oh, and then win it at auction for the price we're willing to pay. Easy peasy i say!

But for now, I have to clean the house and do the washing up ready for lovely laaaaadies to come 'round for ninner tonight. Why is it that our carpet sprouts weet-bix crumbs on a regular basis?

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