Thursday, 21 May 2009

sluggy rainy morning.

This morning i have accomplished...
Changing the blog template. Yay for butterflies!


deciding to make africanesque stew (exotiqueness) for ninner.

Oh yeah and showering, shopping, eating, washing up, reading, munchkin entertaining and watching 'coupling'.

So exhausting.

I may have a stressful afternoon of trying to decide what to make for dinner tomorrow. I might require chocolate to keep my energy up.

EDIT: made the stew - was quite nummy but maybe less chili flakes, needs something else as well..brown sugar maybe? maybe coat chicken when browning? use cayenne pepper like suggested? oh and use coriander leaves instead of parsley at the end. Also used sweet potato and carrots and replaced chickpeas with fava beans (not a fan of chickpea texture)


Mayela said...

Ooooh! Nice flutterby!

I often utilise the amazing properties of chocolate, very good for decision making :D

anti ob said...

White text on black is fine by me, though I know some people dont cope well. Orange text on black (in your blogroll sidebar) is a little hard on the eyes.

If you're doing a stew with chili in it, and you're even considering brown sugar, try a bit of chocolate? I generally go the dark stuff that is a bit less sweet instead of going all the way to unsweetened cooking chocolate, but that may just be because I like disposing of the "leftovers".

Sounds pretty tasty though

JD said...

I have this beautiful little template sitting in a zip file on my hardrive, just waiting for the day I want to change my blog layout. I wasn't a big fan of flutterbies as a kid, but I like their appeal as a blog theme. Go on, say it - I'm weird.

Did you eat chocolate? You should have, you know. It's full of glucose, and glucose is the only sugar that can get through the blood/brain barrier, so it makes you think faster. And if it's dark chocolate, that's full of anti-oxidants, so you'll stave off cancer. If it's Cadbury's, make it Dairy Milk, because, as we all know, that contains a glass and a half of full cream dairy milk in every 200g block and dairy is good for your bones, so you'll not get osteo-arthritis.

See? I am teh helpful. Diet tips according to JD. :D

Oh, and the security word is 'mories', so even blogger is telling you you need to eat more chocolate.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yeah, the black is hard on the eyes, not too bad with this size text, but still a little harsh for older feeble eyes. what would pale beige text look lie, or dark brown background?