Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Evening and frock musings

So I trundled down to the first (trial) Tae-Kwon-Do lesson with Torby and Isobel last night. Oh the horror.
It was parents week (where the parents are involved in the lesson) so it was uber-noisy in the room.
Isobel freaked out from the noise and clung to me from about 10minutes in.
Toprby was a big squiggle mcsquiggler who closely resembled a child who had sucked down a [packet of red food colouring and sugar before the lesson (he hadn't)
Two children and one me did not a good combination make.
We left about halfway through.
Halfway back to Meg&Jamies, the sky opened up and the rain came pouring down. We put hoods up on our jackets and got Isobel into Torby's rainjacket and scurried back quickly. Not a very successful evening. We shall try again with torby in about 6mths time. He needs the discipline of classes and was responding well the few times the teacher came over and made him look at her and respond properly.

We had full attendance at FC which was lovely but a bit too much for me. Combine crappy day, 'that time of the month', having to pick a new frock to make, too much noise and lack of food in tummy and you end up with an sadsack DV)

The lovely MissHelen was good to me and didn't slap me once as I dithered about styles of frock (and oh how she would have been within rights to do so - whingy, dithering thing that I was).
Thinking about in the morning and I realised that I need to fall in love with a picture before I can get enthused about making a style.
So an amorphous idea of 'hmm lets make an early tudor' was failing me becasue I didn't have the right picture to fall in love with and to imagine myself in.
The constraints of the frock were that it had to use fabric I had, not be too complex so we could make it in the timeframe, not be the same thing everyone else was making, have headwear that we already had (a french hood, a snood or a roll of fake hair) and be flattering. All the piccies we could find broke either one of the rules or I just wasn't that fond of it.

I also had to purge the thought of making my spanish out of my head.

So finding the piccie of the girl (below post) was good. She's gorgeous and I loves her.

Have spent a lot of my work day looking at other frenchypants frocks and I've fallen in love with the style again. I looked at it years and years ago but was too complex for me. I love the line and the shape and the 'look'.

I don't mind being corseted. Breathing is for peasants after all. All my late frocks have boning in them anyway to keep my bososms in place and give the right shape. It's one of the things I love about costuming, this changing of body shapes and how to do it. A bone here or there, this type of pleat or that one, where the seams are all can make a big difference in how you look.
Fascinates me.

It's one of the great things Meg has taught. How to create the shape you're after.

It does sadden me when I see lasses who have put a great amount of work into their frocks but the shapes not right (usually through lack of boning or structure) or it's not fitted well or at all (see above point).
Usually just looks slightly uncomfortable and unflattering.
That could be because I'm a well-bosomed lass and if they're not supported, they get annoying and painful.
This is not to say all my frocks are perfect and I do have the luxury of friends who can fit a frock well. It's just my thoughts.

And now that I've got all that out, it's time to actually do some of the work I'm paid to do.

Don't wanna!

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