Monday, 4 May 2009

The catch-up

Starting to look at houses to buy. Well Nw is doing most of the looking as I just get too attached to a house. The one criteria it has is that it needs a shed/storage room so the lovely parents can have their shed back. I know, the selfishenss of them wanting to not have our stuff (mostly Nw's) cluttering up their shed and house. :)

Megzz n Smurg have lent us a spare heater so now our living room is not an arctic wasteland. Was revelling in the toasty warmth last night. No chillblains on my hands for me!

Need to find a new frock to make for Midwinter. the people who won (Gabs and Stanzi) wear Spanish frocks and whilst the frock I was planning isn't the same style as they like and it won't be purple, it would still be strange.
As someone said on the weekend, 'You don't want to dress like the bridal party unless you're a bridesmaid'.
Thinking late Italian or early Tudor/French. MissJimmy is looking at piccies as well and maybe end up making part of it for me (have time to make an overdress but not the underwear required for Tudor/French.
If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
If all else fails, I have my uber-toasty V-neck which is pretty and will keep me warm.

Had a delighftul weekend involving a dinner, a 10th wedding anniversay party and an unplanned but highly enjoyable couple of games of Settles of Catan with Meg&Jamie after the markets. Would ahve then gione with the boys to vist the parents but a desire for a nap (didn't ahppen but lying on the couch reading my book worked almsot as well) overtook me. Then some warcrack raiding on Sunday night to round out a pleasant weekend.

Now I'm at work, eating some grapes (that aren't as cruchy as I like) and avoiding doing the work I should be doing.
I think I'll call the Family Daycare people now and check-up on who our alternate carer will be for the two weeks our beloved A is taking off to go see her very ill dad.

Then I'll get right into the pile of work beside me, really I will..oo look pretty pictures on the 'net....

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